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Who’s in Charge of Your Life?

Who is leading whom?

Are you leading your life or letting life just happen to you?

You are always following someone, whether it is yourself or someone else. So who is leading your life?

You make all of the decisions in your life, good, bad, and indifferent, whether you choose to or not. But it isn’t always clear who or what you are following, is it? Are your many choices each day made deliberately, haphazardly, or with serious thought? Perhaps a bit of each?

Ultimately, you bear the responsibility for your own life; you create the result of the life you live, by the decisions you make. Whether you try your hardest or give up immediately, it’s your life and your choice of how you lead it. Even following others is a leadership choice!

The bottom line is: To make good decisions in your life, you must accept responsibility for yourself. You must take the lead.

If you accept full and complete responsibility for yourself, and for all of your decisions, you become the leader in your own life. That’s one definition of true maturity.

If you do not accept responsibility for yourself, well … who are you? Are you just a victim of circumstances?

It’s true that terrible things can happen to us. We can be a victim of a crime or a tragedy. In those cases, it’s reasonable to say we have been victimized. However, it’s important not to convert that experience as your identity which keeps you in a mindset of weakness and helplessness. Instead, choose to take charge of your life and move toward what you need and want. To be a victim is to be controlled by outside forces. Instead of being a victim, become a victor and create your future! It’s your choice. Completely your Choice!

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