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We’ve previously discussed the analogy of sowing seeds and working your fields to produce a positive result—and how neglecting your field or garden will inevitably produce a weedy, rocky mess.

Now let’s give some thought to what you are actually sowing. Ask yourself:

  1. Am I sowing the right seeds?

  2. Am I sowing enough seeds?

Where is it important to be sowing? Since life doesn’t exist without relationships, this seems like a good place to sow, doesn’t it? If you are sowing into your relationships—spending time with your spouse and children, making time to stay in touch with and care about the people you love—you will certainly reap more from life.

How about your spiritual life? What seeds are you sowing there? If you sow the right seeds, through meditation or contemplation, study, prayer, and attending a place of worship, there will certainly be a harvest of peace and satisfaction.

What about your work? Are you honestly putting forth solid effort each day to not just do your job, but to do it better and more effectively? Who else in your company are you helping to succeed? Do you have a proper attitude about serving, and being a serving leader? You can find so much more satisfaction in your work when you sow into it in the right ways.

Are you sowing seeds of growth and leadership into yourself by studying great leaders, making contacts, spending time with people you admire, and networking within your field? If so, you will surely reap a harvest that could be great for your life and for others.

Give some time to thinking on what you’ve planted and how it will provide a harvest. Whether you choose to sow or not, you will reap some kind of harvest. Seed or good deeds and hard work will grow you a bountiful crop, while failing to plant seed—well, I think you understand that you’ll get the limited value of a plot of weeds.

It’s always your choice. It’s your future. If you do the right thing now, find the best fields, prepare the fields, and sow the best seeds, you can reap the right thing later.

©2019 Bill Abbate

Adapted from the book Uncommon Sense by Bill Abbate

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