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Meet Bill

Bill is a personal and career growth expert, leadership/executive coach, consultant, and author. During his career, he served as President & CEO, Managing Director, and in other high-level executive positions for several companies.

He has long credited his business success to his focus on people development. He retired from corporate life in 2013. Immediately afterward, he attended Duquesne University and became a certified professional coach, quickly building a successful practice.

Bill recently published a best seller, Uncommon Sense, The S.T.A.R. Approach to Life. He continues to work with select clients and publishes regularly on and


"As a dentist and small business owner, I have read my share of motivational and self-help books. Bill's book is a quick read, where he helps us take a closer look at ourselves in a very honest, open, and thought provoking manner. Business owner or not, any individual could benefit from the approach laid out in Uncommon Sense. Worth the time and money!"


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