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Effortless Effort

Take the better way – don’t multitask!

Many good habits, over time, become effortless. They also effortlessly lead you into other habits. When you invest in the previously discussed must-do list-making effort, for example, other small but effective efforts often follow.

Want to know an interesting thing about the efforts we make each day? They’re generally divided. Divided how? Think about a typical day at work. Sometimes we are able to focus on one thing, putting all of our time, energy, and attention into it. What happens? We see results and either complete the task at hand or make good progress on it. Yet with the pressures and distractions so common in life and at work, how often does that really happen?

The reality for most of us is, we wind up attempting to work on more than one thing, even though some of these things do little or nothing to create the future we want!

Why do we do this? It seems to be the generally accepted way that people do things, doesn’t it? Society praises multitaskers, when the reality is that doing multiple things at the same time is a terrible way to achieve results.

Why don’t we know this? Because when we’re multitasking, we can’t see the forest for the trees!

Is there any wonder so many accomplish so little, and a few can accomplish so much? When you place your attention on doing the right things, you not only reap what you really want, but you reduce the clutter of unproductive activities and the frustration of working hard and seeming to get nowhere. You transition to getting more of what you really want, and less of what you don’t want!

To become responsible for your efforts is to become disciplined and mature. Without consistent, meaningful work, life is far less fulfilling. With a disciplined lifestyle, we contribute more to our families and friends. Remember, your life exists in relationships, and relationships thrive when you have dedicated time to them.

You possess everything you need to fulfill your destiny: Take action, and you will reap the rewards over and over again throughout your life!

In case you didn’t notice, we once again see the S.T.A.R. pattern in ACE:

  1. Attention = See

  2. Choice = Think

  3. Effort = Act

Then Reap the rewards!

I’ll end with a little analogy. In our yard we have many squirrels. They keep busy much of the year building nests, mating, chasing each other, and gathering acorns.

One thing I admire about these furry little creatures is their diligence. They always seem to be doing something worthwhile, whether it’s making a place to live, propagating, having fun, or saving for the future. That’s pretty much our existence too, isn’t it?

Let’s make life meaningful and worthwhile. Be like the squirrel—enjoy your life and gather plenty of acorns along the way.

I would be remiss if I didn’t include one last thing here. Think about who can help you build accountability for the process. Find a colleague, boss, friend, acquaintance, or spouse with whom you can openly discuss each week how you are doing with ACE.

Sharing your plan with someone else will help you sharpen the skills so it becomes natural to you. In asking for accountability, the success you enjoy will be, without a doubt, considerable.

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